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วันอังคารที่ 4 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2554

Learning Log (week 8)

In week 8,Teacher told many things, such as assignment for students, behaviour about self - study, learning other culture and the last is learning and practice translate mix of If-clause.

Teacher assigned work for us thus,

Genre = Text types

1. Narrative = tell story, usually to entertain

2. Recount = personal, factual - tell what happen

3. Information report = provide factual information

4. Instruction = tell the listener or reader what to do

5. Explanations = explain how or why something happen

6. Expository text = preset or argue viewpoints

And he gave first work is translate song "Returned the heart come back" of Takkatan Chonrada. The reason that he chose this song because the words of a song have meaning about If-clause. And when we finished translated we must to post it in to the blog.

Later,behaviour of teacher in the future.He told behaviour should be appropriate with people who are being a teacher, no matter behaviour and clothing too.More over,who were the teacher must to know knowledge of theory too.

Self study or called"Autonomous learner, self-directed learner" is students are learning out of class may be search from books or internet.

Learning of foreign culture is the article that students must to learn, because culture of each country are different with Thai culture. We should be understand in foreigh culture and shouldn't comparison culture between Thai culture and foreign culture.

Finally,teacher explained If-clause until we knew and understood for translation If-clause that mix many form together.Teacher explained it and presented exsample....such as...

1. If I had won the lottery, I would be rich.

2. If I had read the book last night, I might/could understand the content of Mixed If-clause.

3. If Jim got the message I left him a hour ago, He is waiting for me now.

4. If Tom were rich, he would have bought a new car.

Studying in the week are varied same every time. Teacher gave suggestion in many story that I will bring that suggestion for use with myself.