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The niello

History of The Niello

The niello is upper class work of king's utensil's and tribute, especially gold niello. For silver niello was things that the king gave to nobleman in Ayudhaya period. And the niello had developed to the time.

The famous place of the niello is Nakhon Si Thammarat province where have great professional of the niello.

People of Thailand had known the high quality and very graceful of the niello is in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

Do you know, why the niello of Nakhon Si Thammarat province is very famous in Thailand?

Because the niello is fine arts. So, step of doing the niello must to have delicate and attemption of specialist.

Silver niello is one kind of niello. It's a black compound of sulphur with silver, lead or copper, used for filling in engraved design in silver.

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Folding the grasshopper from paper

Step of folding the grasshopper from paper

First, fold half a square of paper.
Second, the paper is a right triangle and fold a half again.Third, open up the paper and extend then press the paper to flat.
Next, will be as in the picture above.
And then hold back the other side.
Next, the other side of paper make the same as the third step.
After that, fold follows the dashed line of paper then opens up.
Hold corner of the paper then pick up as in the picture.
Next, make of paper to blister up ther press the paper to flatly.
After, hold back on of the paper.

Then, the other side of the paper makes the same as step8.
Fold of paper follow dashed line on both sides.
Next, fold down the front of paper as in the picture.
Then fold of paper down the behind.
After that, hold the paper and Turn to change direction. (other side)

Then, hold of paper in the middle and fold to back part.
And than, use the both hands to fold up the wings a little.
Next, fold the legs up and down step.
Finally, drawing the eyes then will have the grasshopper as in the picture.

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Father bantam very beautiful

Meterials required
1.Poster paper color, red, orange, cream, drak green and light green.
3.Eakeigong size 1 cm.

Steps to do

First, cut cream poster paper is a body one piece folder the dash.

Second, cut red poster paper is a wattle and mouth follow way each 1 piece folded the dash.

Next, cut orange poster paper is the tail inside. And cut red poster paper is the outer tail. Each 2 pieces then use a sharp-pointed. Circus cutbthe dash to be welded. Fold up and down the track.

After that, cut Dark green poster paper is into wing. And light green is using is outside each 2 pieces using a sharp-pointed. Circus cut the dash .to be welded. Fold up and down the track.

Form for cut
1. Wattle
3. Mouth

4. Body

5. Inside wing
6. Outside wing

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Reduce conflict heritage

January 3, at The Goverment House, Prime Minister, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva an interview to the policy relationship between Thailand and Combodia, The main goal is not to want to see tensions between the countries. Thailand proposed that the guidelines do not let that heritage is a problem.He has met with Cambodia we will find someone responsible to familiar with each other. To avoid the crux of the conflict, World Heritage,Which the deputy Prime Minister Mr. Sok AN, And the Foreign Ministry to the office of the Prime Minister of Cambodia. Will meet with Mr. Suwit Khunkitti, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. In this January.

The prime Minister said, "we hope that at least progress. I do not want to trouble the World Heritage Committee meeting in June of this tension. He still would not to meet with King Hun Sen. Prime Minister of Cambodia at this time. But to meet the existing ASEAN".

The Deputy Prime Minister of security section, Mr. Sutaep: Talks to about Cambodia that goverment is not satisfied that the Commission postpone the region with Thailand and Cambodia (J B C) out several times that Cambodia had to explain to understand the reason in During Mr. Ouk San. Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia To meet and discuss with Mr. Suwit Khunkitti world heritage issues pending.He has discussions with Mr. Sok An, of field works territories.Because the problems have notthing better to talk together.

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The first assignment

Returned the heart come back

What happened with our love?
The thing's good old days, more time more decline
You as made as do not care. What I feel
Ask your heart. still with love's our or not
The little finger always hold together.

Look...! You molest made to be busy carry belongings.
when we walk together,walk away,like as not near stay.

You make me feel like you see with me stay with the word Durable.

* If love each other then forced return the heart come back.
Please tell thing that you want.
If you think that we are not,

Do not live for people's word care
If end the trip of the love.

So two of us would have to break up.

** Wait for an answer you kept.
When you are ready to go please explain to me

Since when did your heart starts not love.
This all started from me. Or did you changed mind.
Since when did your heart start not love

This all started from me .... Or did you changed mind.

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Learning log week 11


- order = Give me that book.

- Request = Pass the jam.

- Instruction = Turn right at the corner.

- Suggestion = Try the smoked salmon.

- Invitation = Come around on Sunday.


News have 3 parts

1.Head line



Structure of Head line (Thai language)

1.Noun phrase


Sentence have 5 type

- N+V+O

- N+V+V+O

- V+O

- 2-3 sentences

- start head line with “คาด ว่า ว่ากันว่า

Structure of Head line (English language)

1.Noun phrase

Noun phrase have 4 type

- N+V.ing P

- N+V.ed P

- N+Prep P

- N+to V.P

2. Sentence

3. Sentence that cut form “word”

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Reading log week 9

New Year’s Day
Thailand is well-known for her festivals which take place all the year round. Most of these festivals are influenced by Buddhist and Brahminical religions, however, with the passage of time a number of them have been adopted in deference to the international practice.

Actually, the official New Year’s Day of Thailand has undergone several changes. Once it used to fall at the end of November. Later, during the reign of King Rama V(1868-1910) it was moved to a date round about April and then New Year’s Day was changed to April the first. The universal practice of celebrating the new year on January 1 was adopted in 1941 in deference to the western calendar and this is one of a number of changes aimed at modernising the country.

Though January 1 is regarded as official New Year, the majority of Thais still regard the middle of April (Songkran) as their new year’s day, and on this auspicious occasion a week-long celebration is held throughout the kingdom. Most of activities on Songkran Day involve water throwing, building sand pagodas and pouring lustral water on the aged as a means of blessing. To be frank, a celebration on January 1 is not so popular as that of Songkran. Normally, before the upcoming January 1, people will exchange greeting cards and gifts. Since on this auspicious occasion, a few grand celebrations are held in the kingdom, people take this opportunity to travel upcountry to visit their relatives or spend holidays at a tourist attraction site, while those stay at home will prepare food and other necessary items to make merit on the early morning of January 1 and then take part in various charitable activities held in various places.

At the same time, several companies take this opportunity to give a bonus and announce promotions to their employees who later cash money to buy gifts for relatives and friends before heading to their hometown for a long vacation.

Obviously, in Thailand people celebrate New Year three times a year, namely ; the Thai traditional New Year or Songkran, January 1 and the Chinese New Year. Out of these, Songkran is the most joyous occasion which draw people from all walks of life to take part in a week-long celebration. Meanwhile, the Chinese New Year is important especially for Thai organisations will close their business for several days so that the employers and their employees will be able to celebrate the auspicious occasion with their relatives at home or spend a long holiday in a place they like.

Learning Log (week 8)

In week 8,Teacher told many things, such as assignment for students, behaviour about self - study, learning other culture and the last is learning and practice translate mix of If-clause.

Teacher assigned work for us thus,

Genre = Text types

1. Narrative = tell story, usually to entertain

2. Recount = personal, factual - tell what happen

3. Information report = provide factual information

4. Instruction = tell the listener or reader what to do

5. Explanations = explain how or why something happen

6. Expository text = preset or argue viewpoints

And he gave first work is translate song "Returned the heart come back" of Takkatan Chonrada. The reason that he chose this song because the words of a song have meaning about If-clause. And when we finished translated we must to post it in to the blog.

Later,behaviour of teacher in the future.He told behaviour should be appropriate with people who are being a teacher, no matter behaviour and clothing too.More over,who were the teacher must to know knowledge of theory too.

Self study or called"Autonomous learner, self-directed learner" is students are learning out of class may be search from books or internet.

Learning of foreign culture is the article that students must to learn, because culture of each country are different with Thai culture. We should be understand in foreigh culture and shouldn't comparison culture between Thai culture and foreign culture.

Finally,teacher explained If-clause until we knew and understood for translation If-clause that mix many form together.Teacher explained it and presented exsample....such as...

1. If I had won the lottery, I would be rich.

2. If I had read the book last night, I might/could understand the content of Mixed If-clause.

3. If Jim got the message I left him a hour ago, He is waiting for me now.

4. If Tom were rich, he would have bought a new car.

Studying in the week are varied same every time. Teacher gave suggestion in many story that I will bring that suggestion for use with myself.

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Learning Log (week 7)

In the week, Teacher told me about website for learning English Language.He talked about If-clause. He taught method to make sentences and translated sentences.
Website which use for learning English Language have many websites.But teacher told me about seven websites as follow,

- www.uiowa.edu
- www.wearebusybeavers.com
- www.eslflashcards.com
- www.tisbooks.com
- www.eslgold.com
- www.vrae.org
- www.speak english-today.com

Teacher talked about If-clause. If-claues have 4 form.

1. possible in the future (Real)
If+S+V.1,+S+Modal Verb+V.1
Example: If it doesn't rain this morning, I will go to the Ocean.

2.impossible in the past (Unreal)
If+S+V.2+S+Modal Verb+V.1
Example: If I were Thaksin, I would not fly to America.

3.Impossible in the past (Unreal)
If+s+had+V.3,S+Modal Verb+have+V.3
Example : Nobody told me that you were in hospital, if I had known, I would have visited you.

This is form and sample sentences of If-clause.

That it's important of translation, so when you see sentences you must to read and analysing meaning of sentenses.

Homework (week 7)

1.If I have a time, I will call to you in the evening.
2.If the snow fall in the Bangkok, everybody will be frightened.
3.If he didn't bring me to saw the movie, I would have been sad.

Homework (week 5)

1.Don't call to me at 6 to 7 p.m. I was eating dinner at that time.
2.Call to me at 7 p.m. I have finished dinner at that time.
3.We had arrived to the office this morning, only to see that it had been broken into by someone last night.
4.Joy told me, that she is going to Chiang Mai in May.
5.What make you think of buying this skirt? It's very short!

Homework (week 3)

1.When do you want to dicision? Human can right or wrong.
2.He can't use chopsticks.
3.You can live here as long as you want to live here.

Homework (week 2)

1. You will go to Chiang Mai either by car or train all right.
2. The car that my mother had given to me is a mini Japanese car.
3. He thought will bring me to a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday but we ended up at the restaurant near his office.
4. A: I spent it all. Because I stayed at the most expensive hotel in the city.
B: Why don't you stay at a cheaper hotel?
5.Anybody knows that money is necessary for one's life.