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Folding the grasshopper from paper

Step of folding the grasshopper from paper

First, fold half a square of paper.
Second, the paper is a right triangle and fold a half again.Third, open up the paper and extend then press the paper to flat.
Next, will be as in the picture above.
And then hold back the other side.
Next, the other side of paper make the same as the third step.
After that, fold follows the dashed line of paper then opens up.
Hold corner of the paper then pick up as in the picture.
Next, make of paper to blister up ther press the paper to flatly.
After, hold back on of the paper.

Then, the other side of the paper makes the same as step8.
Fold of paper follow dashed line on both sides.
Next, fold down the front of paper as in the picture.
Then fold of paper down the behind.
After that, hold the paper and Turn to change direction. (other side)

Then, hold of paper in the middle and fold to back part.
And than, use the both hands to fold up the wings a little.
Next, fold the legs up and down step.
Finally, drawing the eyes then will have the grasshopper as in the picture.