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Learning Log (week 7)

In the week, Teacher told me about website for learning English Language.He talked about If-clause. He taught method to make sentences and translated sentences.
Website which use for learning English Language have many websites.But teacher told me about seven websites as follow,

- www.uiowa.edu
- www.wearebusybeavers.com
- www.eslflashcards.com
- www.tisbooks.com
- www.eslgold.com
- www.vrae.org
- www.speak english-today.com

Teacher talked about If-clause. If-claues have 4 form.

1. possible in the future (Real)
If+S+V.1,+S+Modal Verb+V.1
Example: If it doesn't rain this morning, I will go to the Ocean.

2.impossible in the past (Unreal)
If+S+V.2+S+Modal Verb+V.1
Example: If I were Thaksin, I would not fly to America.

3.Impossible in the past (Unreal)
If+s+had+V.3,S+Modal Verb+have+V.3
Example : Nobody told me that you were in hospital, if I had known, I would have visited you.

This is form and sample sentences of If-clause.

That it's important of translation, so when you see sentences you must to read and analysing meaning of sentenses.

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